You shouldn’t talk to strangers by Jeff Mauser

Prompt: The List | Word count: 1500 words | Genre: Mystery / Spy
The staff secretary knocked on my office door letting me know I had mail causing me to flinch smudging one of the ‘holes’ I had to fill in on the MFG-620 form.  I had just started on the 14 sheets required to get my latest MTBE improvement process formatted to run on our Cray 1700 computer.  I erased the smudge and begin again being sure to fill in only the small ovals with my number 2 pencil.  Twenty minutes later I had all the holes filled in that I needed to have the required data entered.
I swapped the 8.5 x 11 plain manila envelope she had left in my mail slot with my paperwork.  Sitting down at my desk I lit up a Marlboro opening the envelope.  Three small 8 x 5 photo’s fell out along with a note.  I didn’t have to see the photos to know I was in trouble.  The note was spelled out with letters cut out of a magazine:

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