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Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using this website operated by Deadlines For Writers found at www.deadlinesforwriters.com. If you have a question about these Terms and Conditions, please contact us at write@archive.deadlinesforwriters.com.


Hello Writers!


These Terms and Conditions apply to all visitors, users and writers and poets submitting any work, and any visitors or members or subscribers submitting comments or critiques or criticism on any of the work submitted.

By accessing or using the website you agree to these terms. If you disagree with any part of the terms or are not willing to comply then you may not access the website or create an account.

Access and Services:

This website is not open to use by minors. You must be 18 years or older.  We reserve the right to obtain proof of age.

To use this website you must select a writing challenge. The writing challenge you select dictates which parts of the site you will have access to and each has its own set of conditions which are published simultaneously with the rules and details. You can create, change and delete your account. You can participate in more than one challenge.

Your account:

Please make sure the information you provide is correct, complete and current. Incorrect or incomplete information can result in the termination of your account.


Please keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone. You are responsible for any activities that take place on your profile, that is protected by that password. 

We can also request that you change your logins or passwords.

You must notify us immediately should you become aware of any breach of security or unauthorized use of your account.

Please choose a strong password.

Do not allow anyone to use your account.

You are responsible for safeguarding your own account.


Deadlines For Writers subscribe to the law, relating to Protection of Personal Information, and no information that is specific to the Author, Poet, persons submitting criticism or critique or any information of whatsoever nature that may be added to the site or submitted to the site will be disclosed to any other person. Read our privacy policy to know how the site processes your data.

The only details that will be supplied to the viewers and subscribers of the site are the names of the account holder, their works, and any information that has been supplied during sign-up process.

Deleting accounts:

To delete your account please contact write@archive.deadlinesforwriters.com. We may delete your account without notice or refund should you violate our rules. We may have to delete your work, profile or data should it impede the functionality of the site. Know that deleted work may remain on the system but will not be public.

Deleting stories, poems or scenes:

Should you wish to submit a story for publication to a magazine or competition and wish to remove your story, poem or scene from the site please delete only the content of the story, scene or poem, if needed, and do not delete the post. Replace the content of the post with the following phrase: This story/scene has been submitted for publication. OR This poem has been submitted for publication.

The Deadlines For Writers have the right to refuse publication of any work submitted at their sole and unfettered discretion.

Website Rules:

Deadlines For Writers reserve the right delete your account, or submissions or comments without warning or refund should they conflict with the rules and terms and conditions of the site. These rules ensure a safe, positive posting environment and online experience for all. By using this site you agree to subject yourself to them.  The rules can be found in the How it Works section for each challenge and are further explained in the respective FAQs sections.

Code of conduct:

Be kind in regard to any comments made on any author’s work that is submitted.

We do not tolerate hate speak or any political commentary or discussion of any kind. We encourage learning and engaging and supporting one another. Do not abuse this service or each other. Any failure to abide by this will result in immediate suspension and you may be barred from the site in the future.

Content Use:

Stories, poems and scenes are submitted for approval by Admin and once that approval is obtained the stories, poems, scene are then distributed on the Deadlines for Writers site. These are posted according to the submission guidelines. By posting your short stories, scenes or poems you grant us the right to display any work submitted for the general public to view, read and comment on.

 There is no cost to us in carrying the work for display. 

Should you wish to remove your work from the site, you may do so, subject to the terms and conditions as contained above (see deleting stories, poems or scenes, above).

We reserve the right at our sole absolute and unfettered discretion to remove or delete content as needed and without notice should it violate the site’s rules or impede the functionality of the site.

Users retain all rights to the work they post on the site and copyright remains with the Authors.

We do not take any responsibility for the loss of your work or any content, including comments, images or work you post. We also cannot prevent any person plagiarising or copying of or stealing the works of any of the Authors submitting articles, stories poems and scenes to the site.

No storage or back up services are offered on the site and posts are moved to the archive after the challenge.

Any posts on this site or comments offered on any of the work thus reflected on the site,  and use of any of the services offered are done entirely at the sole risk of the Authors submitting any work, articles, stories, poems or scenes or comments, members, visitors and guests.


Most of what is posted is open and available for public consumption and is available for subscribers authors, poets and writers who submit any items and criticism.  Most of what is posted will be available to visitors to the site.

To send a private message please use the message function.

All posts, activity and communication is visible to the administrators of the site and the right to privacy from them is not possible and is waived by all users of this site.

Proprietary Rights:

Whilst users, including any Authors submitting any work, or criticism or comment must be logged in to see the work, this remains a public platform and all content posted is for public use.

No recourse will be available against the site owners and administrators their employees, agents, and outsourced specialists for any posting, or infringement of rights, whether it be as a result of plagiarism, theft of work, defamation, or for any other reason.

By clicking Submit, or reading the site, or submitting any story, poem, scene, criticism or critique you agree that the work posted on the site, by you is your own, original work, or where it is not so, full and precise details of the true owner must be given, and full acknowledgement to the true owner must be given. It is at all times the responsibility of the producer of any work to credit those images not his or her own, to the true owner.

As a member, subscriber, author, writer, poet or scene writer, this site has certain features.

The whole site, as well as certain aspects and functionalities remain within our exclusive proprietary control and Deadlines For Writers, its subsidiaries and administrators, own the intellectual property rights to the concept of the site, and all protectable components of our system. This will include any computer software, related documents, features, combinations of systems and plugins, or algorithms.

None of any of the facilities utilised and/or owned, and/or developed by Deadlines for Writers, and which is unique to Deadlines For Writers, or any part of this system may be reproduced, modified, reverse-engineered, or adapted in any way.

Copyright and Plagiarism

Users own the copyright on the original works posted to the system and Deadlines for Writers own the copyright in all aspects of the system original to it, including but not limited to, selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of the site, as well as original content on the site by Deadline for Writers.

Unauthorised copying or distribution of copyrighted works, plagiarism, passing off, theft of work or stealing any person’s own personal work will not be tolerated and it is expected that subscribers, authors, writers and any person making submissions respect this.


Should there be any suspicion of plagiarism or copyright infringement on the site please contact us with the following information:

  1. The plagiarised material including the name of the author.
  2. The original work and name of the author.

Once the work has been compared and if it is found to be plagiarised the work will be removed and the offender’s account deleted. It is the duty of the writer, poet or those submitting any work of whatever nature,  whose work has been plagiarised or whose copyright has been infringed to seek legal recourse. 

Memberships, Payments and Refund Policy:

Certain free challenges and paid-for challenges are offered on this site and Deadlines for Writers reserve the right to withdraw any of them, add to them in their sole and unfettered discretion. The various challenges have their own terms and conditions which are generally published in association with those challenges, and where there may be any conflict between those specific terms and conditions and these general terms and conditions, these general terms and conditions will take precedence them.

Such additions, removals, or modifications will not raise any claim or entitlement to a refund, and we do not accept any liability for any losses incurred by you or other parties in the event of such additions, removals, or modifications.

Deadlines for Writers will, in our sole and absolute discretion, allow for a refund of a membership purchased if a refund is requested within 7 SEVEN days from the date of cancellation purchase if the digital product has not been downloaded.

Cancelling of a membership upgrade may cause the loss of content, features, or capacity of your account. Deadlines for Writers cannot accept any liability for such loss which may be caused .

Limitation of liability, indemnity and disclaimers:

This  website is used entirely at the risk of the Author, poet, submitters of any work whatsoever and Deadlines for Writers cannot be held responsible for any trauma, loss or damage suffered of whatsoever nature and Deadlines for Writers are hereby indemnified and held harmless against all possible trauma, damage or loss of whatsoever nature.

By accessing this website you agree to the terms and conditions.