Prompt: New Life | Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Spy/Action
The blade slides along his chin. Slicing off his beard, his country and the last of his heritage. The dark stubble floats in thornish whirls as he rinses it in the sink. Slice, rinse, repeat. The irony doesn’t escape him. The pattern consistent with his life these last few months. Slice a little off the top, launder it through their network and do the same thing the next week and every week after that. He tenses when a siren wails nearby, but relaxes as it passes and fades away.
A soft knock echoes through the room. He smiles and grabs the frayed towel to dry his face. In the peephole he sees her, glancing up and down the passage. Always vigilant. Always staying safe. He opens the door and pulls her into the room, into his arms.

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