Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Fantasy
Perching on the roof, I see two ruffians struggling with a young woman. But they are having a tough time with her. She spins and ducks out of their reach. It almost looks like she is toying with them. Then one unexpectedly lands a heavy blow to the side of her head. She tumbles to the ground.
At this, I launch myself from the ledge, aiming my feet at the neck of the big burly fellow. I feel the crunching impact and ride him into the ground. The woman regains her footing and lunges at the other man. She ducks a swing and deftly jabs him in his throat, dropping him in a heap. She whirls around like a cat. Her long dark curls flow around her shoulders like a mane, and her lapis lazuli eyes rivet me to the spot.

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