The Voyage Part 2 by Chrisna Ribeiro

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1202/1200 | Genre: Adventure

Every morning Scarecrow enjoyed the fresh sea air. Free air. But this morning he had sniffed too deeply and was running late. Cook eyed the boy sternly when he came into the galley, but, ominously, said nothing. The boy sweated while he washed his hands, quivered as he tied on an over-sized apron and gulped as he set to work on the vegetables Cook had already set out on the counter. He focused on slicing the carrots precisely as Cook had taught him. Cook was very particular. Every bowl that went out, no matter how plain the meal, had to be a work of art.
“Ye be a quiet one”, Cook said after a while and the boy started.
“I like that.”

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