Prompt: The List | Word Count: 1500 | Genre: Childrens sci-fi/adventure
Jonah threw his Starfighter’s throttle hard to the left as Frederick’s fighter exploded in front of him. Bloody Corporation bastards. He dodged the debris field. ‘All remaining Gamma Squad fighters, form up, we’re going to hit that Corporation cruiser again. One more attacking run and I reckon we’ve got her.’
Half a dozen single seater fighters raced in formation towards the battle cruiser painted the bright green of the Corporation. ‘Split on my mark – three, two, one, Mark!’ Jonah yelled into his mouthpiece. The ships broke formation and assumed individual attack vectors. Jonah trained his weapons array on the cruiser’s damaged shield generators, damaged courtesy of the squad’s first attack run. His console beeped. He stabbed it.

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