Prompt: The List   │   Word count: 1507   │   Genre: Children’s Fantasy
The girl glanced unhappily around at the field of picnickers. Everywhere families were busy choosing their spots and setting up, while small children played at their feet. Older children were heading into the woods, with books under their arms.
“What’s the matter, Amy?”, asked the little girl’s mother.
“I don’t want to sit here. It’s too crowded.”
“Well, it’s a school picnic, honey.”
“The assignment is to list ten interesting things we can find in the woods, but if I go with the other children I’ll only be able to find the same things they find. I want my list to be interesting.”
“I used to fish around here”, said Papa.  “The ecology changes a little down the river. Let’s sit at the end of the field, near the river, then you can explore.”
“Thank you, Papa!” Amy ran off without waiting.
Shrugging, her Mama and Papa followed and set up at the edge of the trees.
“Don’t go too far, Amy!”
“Yes, Mama!”
Amy’s red hair disappeared behind a large tree trunk.
“Will she be alright, John?”
“Don’t worry. I’ll check on her in a bit. Now what’s for lunch?”
“All your favourites, dear. Eggs, sausages and rolls.”

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