Prompt: Conversation with my spouse  │  Word count: 1206  │  Genre: Military Fantasy

Russo’s eyes were closed. The sounds of battle still rung in his ears. As he gained consciousness, the pain became all-consuming. He searched his memory and the image of a determined soldier’s face came to him. There was a sickening sound when the soldier pulled his sword out of Russo’s abdomen. Semi-conscious, Russo lifted his hand from the bloody ground and with great exertion found the wound. A lot of blood. Too much. Another memory: the soldier aiming at his head and then it had all gone black. Russo felt a breeze on his forehead. His captain’s helmet was gone.
Who won?, he wondered.
He still heard fighting. Slowly, painfully, he turned his head to the side. A mangled body lay next to him. Above it, in the distance on a hill, he could see men fighting. Yellow bands on their arms marked them as men from his company.
I have to help them, he thought.

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