The Devil Inside by Moira le Roux

Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Adult Fiction
Warning: Discusses paedophilia
“I am afraid you are going to have to leave the winery,” Brother Gregory barked at Brother Christian. “I can’t have subordinates undermining my authority at every turn. I have been in charge for only a few months, and you have made it impossible for me. I have spoken to Brother Dominic and he is needing a schoolmaster at the junior school. You start tomorrow.”
Brother Christian cringed. He had a demon in him, unknown to anybody. He had not even dared to whisper its existence – even in the church confessional. He had been safe, since his arrival at the monastery, overseeing the winery, with the big, hairy men that came in from the vineyards. But school boys were a different story. His demon caused him to long for young, beautiful boys. He could not risk temptation. He would have to ignore his pride, and beg this man who held his fate in his hands.

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