Scrapyard Sunset by Michael Reyneke

Prompt: Coming undone | Wordcount: 1200 | Genre: Murder Mystery
Gavin Beck adjusted the focus and settings on his tripod mounted camera. Satisfied, he took three photographs of the full moon. He’d done this every half hour from sunset for the last nine hours. He was building a moon rotation for his grandson.
“Damn, it’s cold out here,” he muttered to himself. He unscrewed the camera from the tripod and headed across the darkened garden to the back door.
He got the feeling someone or something watched him. The hairs on the back of his neck and arms bristled. Once or twice since sunset, he felt this sensation. This time it felt violent.
He switched the camera on and changed the setting to automatic with a flash. Beck swung round and took a picture. Or, rather, tried to take a picture. He forgot the delay in the flash, the focus, and the shutter.
In the light of the flash, he saw nothing.

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