Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1206 | Genre: Drama
She sat at the table for a very long time, looking down at her blurred reflection in the highly polished wooden table. The table they had bought together at the Anique Bizarre. When was that? Oh yes, fifteen years ago. A sigh escaped her lips.
Slowly she reached behind her neck to unclasp the pearl necklace. She placed it upon the table, her fingers rolling the pearls as she gazed out of the window to the back garden. The garden still bloomed profusely and she wondered how that could be? Didn’t they know the world had gone black? Featureless, colorless, suffincatingly black?
Her fingers pulled at the strand of pearls until the clasp was torn away. She watched as the pearls came undone and rolled free from its’ noose. Twenty nine pearls. A mere three months short of thirty pearls, a pearl for each year of marriage. There would be no more such pearls, no more celebrations, no more anniversaries. That all ended when he said, “I don’t love you anymore”.

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