Of Kites and Razor Wire by Duane Allicock

Prompt: New Life | Word count: 1000 | Genre: Drama
The sky overhead was a deep cerulean, dotted with wisps of cirrus clouds, lazily drifting across.
As he waited with the rest of fathers for the gate to open, Daniel tried his best to contain his excitement. Like many of the men around him, he had gone months without seeing his loved ones. But on rare occasions such as these, where everyone could be reunited into something resembling a family, the anticipation around him was palpable. Although it would only be a few moments, he tried to calm himself by taking in his surroundings.
There was a tent set up in the southern right corner of the grounds, from which soca music played, and to the left of where he stood, there was a food station and seating for 15 families complete with huge beach umbrellas. A children’s play area had even been set up this time and a competition organized for the gift he eagerly wanted to present to his son.

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