Prompt: Coming undone | Word count: 1.073 words | Genre: Woman fiction
It took a little more effort than anticipated to get rid of her parents and brother. A decision she regretted immediately.
Sarah strolled through the tiny apartment with its small bedroom and the only marginally bigger living room. Cramped on the far side of the living room were a kitchenette and the adjoining bathroom. At least the latter included a tub and the tiled walls with their black and white design straight from the 80’s were almost Art Deco. And after her fussy mum had been at it the little room was squeaky clean. Sarah took a slow turn to take it all in. Her brother and father had put up all the furniture she’d lived with since she’d been 13 years old. Her childhood bedroom was now an empty cavity in the house she’d called home for 20 years.

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