Listing to Starboard by Marilize Roos

Prompt: The List |  Word count: 1032 | Genre: Comedy
Sean McDougall, first mate of The Flyin’ Scotsman, scourge of the seven seas (or at the very least, the Northern Atlantic), did his best to walk as if the pirate ship were not sinking.  Perhaps no-one would notice the ship listing progressively more as the morning wore on?
“Mr McDougall!”
Sean snapped to attention, trying to make one leg unobtrusively shorter than the other under his kilt to mask the wallow of the vessel.  “Aye, Captain!”
“Mr, McDougall,” Captain Frasier said again, at a more conversational volume once he neared his quivering first mate, his wooden leg making a hollow thunk on the smooth deck with every alternate step.  Sadly, the captain with his prosthetic leg seemed to have less trouble with the listing of the ship than Sean did as he circled slowly around his first officer.  “I have always noted that you are a particularly observant man,” he said, his brogue particularly thick and only understandable by another braw, brave Scotsman.

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