Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1270 | Genre: Drama / Romance
Agent Talya Abrahams glanced across the gala dining hall. The guest of honour, Mr. Gordhan was about to arrive and excitement bubbled amongst the waiting guests. But Talya felt excited for an entirely different reason.
She turned to scan the other side of the room and caught sight of her reflection in an ornate mirror hanging on the wall. Her midnight black hair was styled in an elegant twist, with bouncing locks hanging down her back. Her cobalt blue gown fell into a deep V at her back, the colour accentuating her blue eyes.
Excitement flirted across her body when her eyes collided with those of her boss, Agent Mike DeLuca’s, in the mirror. She watched him watching her, his lips curving, his eyes tracing the way the fabric hugged her curvaceous body. The heat of his gaze caused her body to tighten in anticipation. The sexual tension was reaching breaking point and she hoped he was ready to do something about it.

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