Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Drama with a dash of humour (hopefully)
He seriously missed mirrors. And occasionally, Carly Simon. When that song of hers hit the charts, he’d taken it as a compliment. Just to annoy her. He’d written a note and sent it along with a dozen blood-red roses. All it said was, ‘Thank you.’
Everyone thought it was about Warren Beatty – old, washed-up ham! He hummed the tune under his breath as he adjusted his bow-tie. She’d promised never to reveal the song’s inspiration, but she’d come dangerously close with that line about the gavotte. He was amazed at how many people sang it incorrectly – ‘…watched yourself go by’. Still, he thought, it did keep the truth at bay. He remembered coaching Carly through the dance’s humorous moves. In his gleaming black, patent leather shoes he paced out a few of the steps.

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