Prompt: Coming undone |  Word count:1170 | Genre: Melodrama

  •  “Awkward” she took a deep breath talking to herself. “‘Melodrama, how can he be so mean” frustrated and still amazed changed faces. “He left just like that”. So angry and frizzled. It was Thursday mid morning the day of Rose’s laundry making. She picked clothes one by one holding them so closely, threw them in the washing machine. She started to wash the laundry.
  • She dragged her feet bit by bit. Still wondering about the order of the day, that have amazed her. Her face was in despair, things have just happened to shock her. She went to the kitchen to make herself a cup of Earl grey tea. Rose put on a kettle. When she was down a cup of Earl grey tea would do wonders to her emotional being. She pulled a chair to sit down. She started to imagined on how to make in higher ranks of achievers. Life had never been the same since she had done unforgivable mistake. She had to work hard to regain the respect. Rose mumbled to herself “here I am” so emotional. She peeped through the window. The sky was blue and the weather so calm like a breeze. The flowers were as beautiful as blossom. She turned her back and returned to finished the chores.

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