Prompt: Coming Undone l Word Count: 1200 l Genre: General Fiction
In this softball story, the bases are not loaded and the stakes are not high. The coaches pitch and sometimes play catcher, too. The players can barely tie their shoes.  There is no reason for anyone to suspect this game will end disturbingly. The atmosphere is positive and, I’m told, it stayed that way until the 3rd inning.
The 3rd inning. The game is tied at 0 and the red team, sponsored by Mack’s Pizzaria, has 2 outs. 7-year-old, Ashley Collins, the team jokester, is standing on third base. On second is powerhouse Michelle Cartwright, also seven. And up to bat is ‘Tiny’ Tabby Workman; the smallest player on the team. She hasn’t had a hit all year, but she plays a decent short stop, and loves the game. The crowd is cheering her on.

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