Prompt: Coming Undone | Word count: 1207 | Genre: Fiction
The first time she saw him, she thought of “a whiter shade of pale.”
“Martin Rissler, draft dodger,” he stretched out his hand and introduced himself.
“Lena, Student of nursing,” she replied swallowing hard. Draft dodger, she thought.
“Draft dodger, is that your profession?” sarcasm came easy for her.
Martin offered a smile with a straight line of the whitest teeth and ignored her mockery. He loved what he saw.
A young tall girl with dark skin, a hint of Ethiopian, yet German. Long curly auburn hair taken right out from “Struwel Peter” that refused to stay in place even though it was bound with a thick elastic band in back of her head. And a set of emerald green eyes, like he’d never imagined before.
“I’m here doing my civic duty for eighteen month, since I refused to join the military,” he explained. I’ll be working with you right here on station five as a nurses aid.”
Lena noticed his fine hands, office hands. She alleged.

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