Prompt: Coming Undone | Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Mainstream
*Some disturbing images
Luckily the parking lot was almost deserted. She sat, her car off, her window up, the heat smothering. She held her binoculars tight against her eyes, watching his door. No sense trying to figure out why she was there, what crazy circumstances brought her to the moment of playing private eye, personal spy. She just knew she had to watch him. And his whore too. She puffed on her cigarette, the sharp smoke filling her lungs, unused to abuse, she coughed it out. But it didn’t stop her. She puffed again. First cigarettes in ten years and she was already through seven. She had alcohol too, a nice big bottle of whiskey. Yes, she hated it, but she needed to end the pain. The pain of her broken heart, her splintered self-esteem, her lost life, her lost beliefs in vows and marriage and family and future. She watched, sipping her whiskey, smoking her cigarettes and trying to remain clandestine.

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