And Then He Sneezed by Audra Russell

Prompt: Coming undone  |  Wordcount: 1195  |  Genre: Reflective Fiction
He stood there and stared into the open grave where his best friend’s body sat in a mahogany casket. Two days ago they were together for a July 4th cookout. Now his best friend was a Black lives matter hashtag, another Black man murdered at the hands of those sworn to protect and serve, and Mike’s world would never be the same.
Eric and Mike had no idea that cookout would be the last time they ever hung out together. They ate, laughed, and watched the fireworks. But Eric’s allergies had been unusually bothersome that day so he took a benadryl(he didn’t know that would be a fatal mistake).  The benadryl made Eric drowsy so he asked Mike to drive him home. Mike didn’t hesitate to do Eric that favor and said he would just take an Uber back to the cookout to get his car.

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