A Writer Undone by Zane Baisley.

Prompt: |Coming Undone | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Real Life Drama
This month’s prompt has me coming undone.  The page is as blank as my mind, my fingers perched motionless over the keys like strange spiders. I type a single line of text with a frown on my brow. The dogs start yapping outside and I take the opportunity to fetch a cold beer and shout at the stupid mutts. When I return the letters have fallen to the bottom of the page and lie in a jumble like pathetic dead insects. The beer has left a pool of condensation on the table. “Damn.” I mumble as I rush to find a cloth and a coaster, looking over my shoulder to see if the wife has noticed.
Finally, draft one starts to take shape, well not shape as such, more of a pile of letters, a terrible, stinking, steaming pile, I tried to blame it on the dog, my wife made me clean it up, it left a  dark stain.

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