A Stupid Mistake by Hibah Shabkhez

Prompt: Coming Undone | Words: 1200 | Genre: Based on a true story

Farya’s parents were the coolest in the whole world. Her Papa had a Dumbledore-beard, and her Mama wore a long black robe just like the Hogwarts uniform. Her only regret was the pointy wizard hat. Mama had bought Farya a black one for her last birthday that became pink when she turned it inside out, and Farya wore it to school every day, but Mama went on wearing her old black hood. People craned around to look when she walked down the aisles of the supermarket with Mama and Papa, and she smiled and waved proudly back at them.

Then one day in the supermarket, she waved at a lady who was dragging a little girl with goldilocks-hair after her, and the lady didn’t smile back. She shook her fist at them, the shopping bags dangling like stirrups on a cartoon-horse. “Go back!” She hissed. “Go back where you came from, you terrorist b—–s!”

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