Unexpected Beginnings by Jeff Mauser

Prompt: NEW LIFE | Word count: 1000 | Genre: Science Fiction
They peered through the small, one meter by half meter, thick window of their spaceship in astonishment.  The window was designed for docking purposes only, and like there their small ship, had not been designed for landing on a newly discovered planet with an alien landscape.  They surmised it was sunset for it was getting darker, the Blue Giant sun wasn’t giving off much light, and neither did the Red Dwarf that had set an hour ship’s time earlier.  The sunset had been astonishing with the last rays of the Red Dwarf mingling with the Blue Giant giving the multicolored vegetation vibrating shadows of blue, red and purple.
When the darkness outside became total they left the window and returned to their instruments.  Aaquil looked at the outside temperature and atmosphere.  The temperature was down to a tolerable 14C, only dropping a little since they had landed.  The atmosphere was a touch high on O2, 21.75% but the Nitrogen was spot on leaving the remaining 0.25% for trace elements yet to be named.  Polya looked over the power supply and rations.  She tried calling Command again, nothing.

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