To Share or Not to Share…It Isn’t a Question by Audra Russell

Prompt: Conversation with my Spouse | Word Count: 1198 | Genre: Fiction
Alida was repulsed by the conversation that she just had with another woman at the car wash and couldn’t wait to get home to tell Reed. That woman’s line of questioning got more insane with each passing moment and Alida was relieved when the man finished the wipe down on her car and waved her over. She drummed her fingers on her steering wheel the whole way home. She pulled up into the driveway. Reed had just pulled up himself. They both went to get their cars washed together. Reed ended up being six cars ahead of her, so he left to go to the store to get food for their cookout, and had made plans to meet her back at home. Reed looked at her and saw something in her face. Alida parked and got out to help him with the groceries.
“Okay, so what gives,” Reed said as he handed her a few of the bags.
“You will not BELIEVE the conversation I had at the car wash after you left!”
“It obviously wasn’t a good one. You look rather pissed.”

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