The Sands on his Feet by Sayantika Mandal

Prompt: New Life  | Word count: 886 | Genre: Literary, mainstream
Kimo Sagapolu stared at the ocean from his open thatched house. The tide was rising. The wind shaking the coconut palm fronds thatching his hut hissed like an angry serpent. Perhaps, they were right. The end was near.
It had been seventy years. Many a times in his younger days, he had laid on his boat, weary of fishing clams and crayfish in the blue lagoon, staring at the screeching seagulls above, thinking about the world beyond Smoky Hill Atoll. It was a vast expanse of unknown, like the vast ocean stretching towards the horizon. Far away from the comforts of the known crevices of the lagoon where he fished and the little piece of land his boat drifted back to as the sun reddened the western sky.

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