The List by Zane Baisley

Prompt: |The List. | Word count: 1500 | Genre: Drama
Pink and orange are fading to purple and red. Deep blue follows from the east, the traffic a lonely hum on the streets far below. A single white sheet of paper with blue lines sits on the mahogany desk. The desk a huge black expanse, the white sheet like a hole in the universe that refuses to be filled, refuses to conform to the order of things. I have tried to write the list, the words fall onto the paper but they are angry and misspelled and refuse to make any sense. Both my hands rest on my desk next to that impossible white sheet. I stare at the sky as it changes slowly to night. A small lamp casts a pool of yellow light. I prefer the friendly glow of the lamp to the clinical brightness the fluorescents would cast. I place the point of the silver pencil against the page again and watch as my hand shakes.

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