The List by Sarah Muzaffar

Prompt: The List I Word Count: 1500 I Genre: Fiction
I sat on the prayer mat for long hours, in the night mostly, when everyone was sleeping peacefully. Or so I thought. Peace seemed to have evaded all of us. I looked outside, the night was a pale black, the moonlight forcing itself on it. A cool breeze sent a little shiver down me but it was pleasantly soothing. The time of the night, when it was a matter of minutes to dawn, was my favorite. The sky was a gorgeous blue, not dark enough to look like black, nor the day blue. A tranquil shade that comforted the eyes and my soul. My soul was agitated, restlessly tiring itself to find a way. A sense of helplessness had brought me to knees, to beg for His help, to show me a way. My life  could be defined in one word,chaos.

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