The List by Kimberley Cooper

Prompt: The List Word count: 1500 Genre: Contemporary Fiction
It sat there on the kitchen table.
The List. Or given its significance, perhaps it was more accurate to call it THE LIST. Anyway, whatever, it formed part of Eva’s every conversation lately, was almost the only thing she talked about. God knows if we’d have anything to say to each other after the bloody wedding.
“What shall we put on the list, Jo?” “Jo, which store should we have the list with? And then when she was feeling down and it was all a bit overwhelming, “Do you think anyone will want to know what’s on the list?”
So, The List on the kitchen table. An innocuous bit of paper held to a piece of hardwood by gravity. I could put my mug of coffee on it at breakfast time, sling my keys on it when I come in from work, use it as a place mat for my dinner plate. Wouldn’t affect The List at all.

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