The List by Amber Cole

Prompt: The List | Word Count: 1500 | Genre: Fiction
He couldn’t remember how he had gotten there, or if there had even been a “before.” What he did know, was his current self standing there, dressed like a shadow, an aged and carefully scrawled list clutched in his hand. He hadn’t had to decipher what it meant. Names with ages and locations, dated with times that hadn’t yet been met. Coupled with the weapon of harvest laying, sharpened, in a sheathe on his back, the list spoke for itself. He had become an advocate of humanity’s worst fear.
He stood at the residence of the first name written, stalled by a mix of anxiety and cluelessness. What exactly was the plan? Did grim reapers knock on the door? By the time printed, he had about five minutes to figure it out. Suddenly, a tap on his elbow sent him jumping three feet high. He spun to find a young girl standing the height of his waist. She looked like a child you would see as the poster for some product, all curls and rosy cheeks.

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