The Great Food Collapse by Audra Russell

Prompt: A New Life  |  Word Count: 992  |  Genre: Narrative Fiction
Dear Journal,
I haven’t been able to write because every five minutes someone has been at the door to ask me a question about seeds or plants, or they have handed me a plastic bag with a bug in it and asked me how to get rid of the thing. I used to be the scourge of the neighborhood. They scoffed at me for turning my entire backyard—the whole half acre – into a garden. They filed complaints against me with the county for turning my front yard into a beautifully landscaped garden (but they weren’t successful….I wasn’t violating any ordinances). They used to run when they saw me coming with a basket of tomatoes and cucumbers or a carton of eggs and they would almost roll their eyes as they took them. “What am I going to do with these?” was always the question. Sometimes they wouldn’t even take what I had to offer. But I still shared my food with them, even though they were all assholes.

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