Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word count: 1200 words | Genre: Women’s Fiction
I find myself in the kitchen, staring at the clock. The breakfast has yet to be prepared. I crack the eggs and put them in a bowl. I must tell him before the security guard does.
“It is eight thirty FIVE!”
Some of the yolk I’ve been whisking spills out.
“Well, the coffee’s ready,” I pour some into a mug and put it on the table.
“How long you gonna take to beat the eggs?” he asks from behind the newspaper.
“Just about done.” I am whisking more furiously now, trying to get them frothy enough.
“Jusht aboot don,” he squeaks, “hurry up. He does that every time he wants to put me down. There was a time when that made me feel hurt and angry. Maybe his words could still hurt me, if he were more creative with them. Or maybe not. Probably not.
I must get this omelette right. This breakfast must be perfect. He must be put in a good mood. My thoughts drift as I put the pan on.

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