The Demented by Amrita Tripathi

Prompt: NEW LIFE | Word count: 1006 (excluding header) | Genre: Fantasy
You wake up surrounded by darkness. How long were you asleep? 15 days, 20 days? It doesn’t matter. You have to get out of here. You must get out. “Must I, though?” you wonder. It doesn’t matter. A ray of sunshine breaks through the grime above. Your path is clear. You should get up now. “I don’t want to,” you say to yourself. You climb out anyway and manage to stand up. A sharp pain shoots up your feet and strikes your chest. You lean on the slab of stone placed next to you. A fierce gale is blowing all around you. It rattles your bones and makes your teeth chatter. It makes the fresh snow clog your nostrils. You lift your arm and cover your nose with a scrap of green cloth – a part of your arm. “Or is it brown cloth?” you say, shutting one eye to get a better look at it. The colour does not matter. GO! You look around and see some shapes moving in the distance towards a hole in the wall. You are on your way.

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