Softly Forging Jade by Daniel Casey

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse  | Word count: 1200 | Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera/Drama?  Warning | Implied Suicide at end of story
Kelton shook his head; two painful busy weeks since the last attack. Living with Art’s constant screams in his head, the only relief was chemical sleep. He prayed for no more friendly deaths on his hands. He thought back a couple of years to his conscription; pulled from his honeymoon barely a week into the new marriage. His bride was left standing on the launch pad as he and the other conscripts were blasted out to the first of many training stations on a collision course with the first wave of Tessera. He’d been home twice since then; the visits always strained by the knowledge he wasn’t there to stay.
Checking his messages absentmindedly as he shucked his uniform, he noted that leave to call home had been granted,sixty minutes of comm-wave time for personal use. His heart lifted. His heart tripped a joyful beat as he thought of his girl, remembering her voice. As always, there was a hint of strain. Funny, he thought to himself, how almost dying made one appreciate life more. He was half done his tour, two more years and they could be together. He could get on with his life and they could start the family they always wanted. His whole focus changed. He took care in showering and dressing so he’d be nice and clean, presentable for his comm-wave to her.

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