Sealing Mom’s Fate by Rachel Dye

Prompt: Conversation with my spouse | Word count: 1200 words | Genre: Dark Comedy

“Are you sure about this?”  With one random idea I might have just ended my marriage, and I thought I might throw up as I waited for Xander’s answer.

“Of course I am.”  His hand tapped lightly against our kitchen table and he sighed as the light above flickered.  Gesturing towards the offensive object he continued, “This place is awful; you deserve so much better.”  As if on cue, the neighbors started yelling again.  We had been listening to their ongoing drama for the last two nights.

“I am still rooting for Pedro,” Xander whispered.

 I smiled and giggled. “Pedro was gone for four months without a word.”

 Defending our faceless neighbor, Xander exclaimed, “He came back and found her in bed with his brother!”

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