Outcross by Michael James

Prompt: New Life | Word count: 1000 | Genre: That would be telling
Stan tried to mask his heavy breathing behind the squeaking gurney as it rattled along. He fought the urge to run. Struggling to keep up, he did his most dignified-looking speed walk. A lifelong abusive relationship with hamburgers was to blame. His wife, Delia (she hated that name and went by Bridget instead), lay on the rolling hospital bed and screamed. Her wailing caused such an unusual commotion that anyone who could move fast enough, dove out of the way. Delia was supposed to pop on the weekend. It’s Thursday, for fuck sake, Stan thought. Anthony and the boys were waiting for him at the local O’Hagans. It was a tradition: the first Thursday of the month. Of course, the baby was coming tonight. His night. Delia was silent just long enough to suck more air into her tar-crusted lungs before the next round of gasping, moaning and swearing started.

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