New Lives by Arthur Hall

Prompt: A new life | Word count:1 000 exactly | Genre: Reality fiction
“When I was fifty-six, I was reborn. It was not like it was a religious conversion; as a reborn Christian or anything like that. It was a socio-economic rebirth caused by happenstance, ageism and unemployment. As the euphemism goes ‘my circumstances took a turn for the worse’. I was a high-flying manager. A new subsidiary start up had been powered by me into profitability from scratch in eighteen months. Thirty-two of my target list of seventy-two clients already under contract with an eighteenth century manor house in its own park as my base. Everything seemed to be going as smoothly as velvet. Then like a bolt from the blue, the parent company became bankrupt. That meant goodbye to business lunches, clients, manor house and park.”

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