Missed the List by Daniel Casey

Prompt: The List | Word count: 1500 | Genre: Sci-Fi/Space Opera
Kelton bolted upright in his bunk, the strident alarms slamming his sleep fogged mind into high gear before he was awake.
All that training had paid off, Kelton found himself strapped into the rail-gun’s swiveling cockpit before he knew it. He’d run through the lists and checks on autopilot as it were. Most of the redundancies were there for the safety ninnies, unneeded ninety percent of the time.
Acknowledging the bridge’s status query, Kelton started running though the fire-ready checklists, power relays on-line, depleted uranium spheres in stasis channels, targeting scanners coming alive, all the redundancies were green-lighted, everything looked good to go, and with a flourish he gave the all clear to the mission ready checklist and got to work scanning the long range tracking array.

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