Lara’s List by Riham Gharib

Prompt: The list | Word count: 1500 words | Genre: Romantic Drama
The movie was not exactly what they expected, but still the three friends were having a good time. It was a day worthy of celebration. Adam, the clever guy, graduated college with flying colors, he came second best, and was a bit down, and that was even more reason to celebrate. Watching a movie was almost a weekly ritual for them, but the day called for more action so next, they had plans to get some pizza, then ice cream, and naturally burn it all at the dance floor. The planning was Lara’s specialty, but she made it feel like a mutually agreed on decision. Karim, the talented one, was a bit timid about crowds, but he didn’t know how to say no to Lara.
‘What does she see in him? Why would a girl like THAT be with a player? A jerk actually!!’ whispered Adam, his voice clear to Lara but barely reaching Karim. As always she sat between the two guys, it wasn’t a choice made by anyone, just where she liked to be, and where they knew she would be.

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