Prompt: A conversation with my spouse| Word Count: 1200 | Genre: Romantic Comedy

“Perhaps he won’t notice?”  Jenny said, catching her bottom lip with her teeth, surveying the damage in dread.  She had already reversed the new Toyota Fortuner into the garage to hide the dent in the passenger-side front panel.  The dent was significant enough that the door couldn’t open, and Tessa, their teenage daughter, had to climb over the handbrake to get out the drivers’ side door.
No way he won’t notice.
Blake – the little blackmailer – had already cashed in on the opportunity to extort talk-time vouchers for him and his sister from this mess.  He just smirked, whistling and sauntering down the road to visit Peter three houses down, citing an unspecified joint school project, and Jenny had only been too happy to see him go.

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