Evolution by Brittany Meyer

Prompt: New Life | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: abstract
The first cells found themselves in dark water, and they swam as their bodies developed fins. They explored- for they were explorers even then, in the very beginning- the depths of the oceans they inhabited. There were others swimming in the recesses of the cliffs with sharp teeth, and the creatures learned to avoid them.
They filled the ocean. The most adventurous of them began to move toward the muddy shores, tentacles pushing from their skin, replacing the fins. They gasped in this strange non-corporeal substance, and lungs grew in their chests as they left the water.
There were new places to explore: thin swaying objects that grew thickly with tendrils of their own, and from which delicious objects hung. The creatures were afraid until they realized the objects could not fight back when the objects were taken away and consumed.
Tentacles grew and split at the ends, to better grip the ground beneath them.
The air grew cold. The creatures were confused. The water had never been cold. Several of them did not awake when the warmth came back, after the long dark. The ones that did awake soon found themselves covered with a course, thick substance that rose on their backs when threatened. This helped them survive the long darks, and even better did they stay warm when huddled together.

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