Prompt: Conversation With My Spouse | Word count:1200 | Genre: Vague?
They speak of things unimportant, of inanes, of sunny days and picnics in the park. Conversation fills their days, coloring in their existence with bright oranges and neon blues. She bakes his favorite cookies in the afternoon, the sweet smell coating the air across the apartment. He draws her pictures of Paris lit with the dawn sun.
“I love you,” he whispers in her ear with the rising of the sun and the descent of the dark.
“I love you,” she says with each batch of cookies, with each glass of milk.
They don’t seem to notice that the front door only leads to a walled garden. They run the garden’s dirt through their fingertips, pulling up weeds as well as produce.
Sometimes, in the middle of the night, Henry dreams of something, something horrible enough that he wakes up gasping, reaching for his wife. She’s there instantly, holding him as he shakes, terrified of some ancient, unspeakable fear.

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