Dead man walking by Vic Ribeiro

Prompt: A new Life.| Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Historical Fiction (Religious).
Another step, pain split upwards like a lightning flash as his foot settled again on the cobbled road. Urbanus bit his lip harder, tasted blood. He suppressed a groan. Another step, another lightning arc of pain. His feet were swollen, blistered and bloodied. His soft scholarly sandals were in tatters. It provided no more protection or support, but he was too tired to take it off.
Urbanus looked down at his grimy feet after another step. His vision swam and he tried to blink away the tears that welled up in his eyes. A drop plopped into the Roman road next to his foot. Images were becoming hazy, and Urbanus had trouble seeing objects in the distance. The chirp and twitter of birds around him seemed far off and indistinct through the constant ringing in his ears.

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