Aptly Named by Beth Stillman Blaha

Prompt: The List  Word Count: 1500 Genre: Contemporary
“Kitty Hallingsworth,” Junie said at the annual Fourth of July pool party, “You have everything. The perfect husband, a knack for throwing the most fabulous parties, and now,” gesturing toward Kitty’s softy rounded belly, “Michael Hallingsworth the third on the way.”
“Michael Hallingsworth the third?” Kitty turned toward her friend, gazing at Junie over the rims of her Prada sunglasses. “Who told you the baby is going to be Michael Hallingsworth the third?”
“Why, your husband, of course.”  Junie leaned toward Kitty over the arm of her lounge chair and placed her hand on Kitty’s. “He’s so excited about this baby, it’s simply darling.”

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