A walk in the park by Elspeth Flatau

Prompt: A new life | Word Count: 1000 | Genre: Drama | Not for sensitive readers, includes rape scene.
Wisps of steam rose from the lake. My feet pounded in harmony with the huff of Bonnie’s breath. A perfect morning for a walk, Bonnie’s head at my heel. A woof as a flock of white faced duck rose from the still surface.
“Come on, girl,” I encouraged Bonnie as my long legs lengthened into our home stride, the sky flushing scarlet with the early morning sun.
There was a car in the carpark. A new Citi Golf. Out of place in the ramshackle Golden Harvest Park. A man got out of it. He was tall, good looking in a rugged, rumpled way. Strange – he must have slept in his car. I wondered what his story was.

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