A new life by Sandra Rochaz

Prompt: A new Life | Word Count: 1068 words | Genre: Woman Fiction
Sarah was finally turning the last corner after an eight hour drive. She couldn’t wait to hug her best friend again. 12 months and 2 weeks without seeing each other. It was the longest period of time they’ve ever gone without actually meeting at least every 3 months for some quality bestie time. Sarah felt guilty for not managing the trip earlier. But now their reunion was imminent and Sarah found herself jumping in her seat. Not easy when you were driving at the same time.
The navigator told her that she only had 200 metres left. And there she was – her best friend. Waiting for her on the corner. Simultaneously a huge smile spread over their faces. Sarah parked and nearly forgot to unbuckle the belt. But finally she was free of the trappings of her car. She didn’t have to take more than two steps to embrace Emily.

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