A New LIfe by Hazel Campbell

Prompt: A New Life  |  Word count: 1000 words | Genre: Sci-fi
Ingrid walked through all four rooms of the apartment taking a last look at the ancient furniture she loathed. In the front room, she opened the piano and rippled the keys. This was the only item which was exclusively hers; a family heirloom, five generations old. It was so old she had had to learn how to tune it herself. She knew every ivory note as if it had been specially carved for her fingers. None of the new instruments had the clean, pure sound of the old pianos. She would miss it.
That other time, when she was planning to run away from home, she was only eight. On the pavement outside her house, she started to panic when she realized that she didn’t have anywhere to go. It was the sound of her grandmother playing Zhodine’s  ‘Starscape’ on this piano that had lured her back inside their home.

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